The Domain Martinolle-Gasparets story

can be related throughout 2 centuries of family transmission, a story highlighted in the 60’s by the merging by Pierre MARTINOLLE of 2 family domains coming from 2 winemaker families: the MARTINOLLE family from Lezignan-Corbieres and the SALVET family from Gasparets (hamlet, part of Boutenac).

During the last 50 years, Pierre MARTINOLLE has done visionary choices:

  • firstly the choice of the Gasparets-Boutenac terroir (selling off the most part of the Lezignan-Corbières plots)
  • focusing on Boutenac terroir which was recognized in 2005 as one of the fourth greatest qualitative terroir of Languedoc

In this line of qualitative changes, Pierre MARTINOLE was also one of the first into the area to become an Independant cellar and Independant Winemaker, giving definitively up with the local and historical Cooperative Production.
The choice of an agrochemical being never done, it is naturally that the Domaine Martinolle-Gasparets there after engaged in Organic certification.

Nowadays, Jean-Pierre MARTINOLLE (6th generation) with Pierre MARTINOLLE (85 years-old and still at work) keep writing this eternal story: a passion for wine-making work, the same comitment as ever to create atypic wines, that remains rare and done with an handcraft mind thanks to an unique terroir.

The story continues, innately in the line formerly drawn by Jacques Martinolle or Claude Foulquier at the end of the 18th century, thereafter with Pierre and today with Jean-Pierre… still based on a sustainable and mindfull vision of vine-growing, an handcraft and minimal production to serve wine of unique character, and a distribution based on proximity and human exchanges.

Since two centuries, within the Domaine Martinolle-Gasparets, are transmitted the secrets of vine-growing and wine-making. A family culture made of handcraft and manual methods that are thought to be sustainable and to respect time and nature. A mechanical and meticulous soil work based on observation and prioritizing natural renewal, use of decenal fallows, organic vinifications, long-lasting and demanding wine ageing. The Domaine Martinolle-Gasparets wines loves the passing of time and will only bleed into your glasses when they would have expressed all that Terroir has given to them. So, be PATIENT !