As far as has started the story of our domain, our family strong of 6 successive generations has always cultivated vines in the way of a sustainable mind.
Our heritage, transmitted from father to son: passion of our trade, our traditional skills but also our dedicated respect to vineyard and terroir.

All of our parcels are organic-certified by Ecocert (FR-BIO-01).

Our family has done a long time ago the choice of a minimal production, the choice of low vine efficiency always focusing only on quality, choice of independence, choice of proximity and exchanges with all of our friends-customers.

Through a human-sized Domain, we are producing only a few quantity of wines and we personally know most of the peoples that are drinking them !

If you appreciate our wines, be aware that they are a reflect of us: they are headstrong and generous and it is just in your hands to come see us, meet and share a pleasant and convivial moment…and at the end to just make this Domain yours !

The Independent Winemaker logo is the sign of a particular exigency, the embleme for an independent viticulture, enriched by the diversity of its terroirs, climates, skills and by women and men.

For the consumer, this logo is a flag for a wine done by an Independent Winemaker: « wines and authentical characters »

The choice of a wine labelled as Independent Winemaker is the guarantee to find a wine made in agreement with a winemaker charter.

« Independent Winemaker » is a promise kept !