Growed with the full respect they desserve (ORGANIC viticulture), our various grape varieties have each their own characters and typicity. Most of these varieties are historical in the Languedoc and therefore adapted to the climate conditions and the hardness of our local terroir.

The Black Carignan (Corbieres-Boutenac embleme), generous and powerfull is used in our Corbieres-Boutenac and Corbieres and marry perfectly with the spicy sweetness and fruit notes of Black Grenache (the black gold of Corbieres) to create well-structured and elegant red. These wines are long-keeping wines and are a trip toward our pinewoods and our foothills enriched of rolled pebbles.Other grape varieties bring enrichment to ours red blends meticulously orchestrated by the Martinolle family: Mourvèdre and its vanilla and pepper notes, or even more Syrah and its spicy, fruity or floral aromas.

All of those varieties can also be used as bleeding to create Corbières Rosés, tender, voluptuous and complex to which sometimes may be added somme press of juicy and ligh Cinsault.

Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah or Viognier are also used as monovariety blend (IGP Pays d’Oc) to respectively produce a pleasure rosé with strawberry notes, tasty reds or lively white with apricot aroma. The result is definitively a great aromatic richness, deepness and a high quality structure with a palate explosion of fruits.

Rolle, light and fresh with its apple notes or almond and citrus aromas and Bourboulenc a secular variety are blended to produce White Corbieres. They are fresh, full-bodied and balanced. Lively with their citrus notes they will highligh a shellfish plate or a lemon-baked-fish.

Rolle and Bourboulenc or Carignan, Grenache and Syrah are also used as « mutage » with carefully chosen Languedoc « Eau de Vie » to create Liquor wines called Carthagène (Amber ou Red, local aperitive). These wines can be also savoured as dessert wines. Full-bodied and aromatic, they will catch you with their honey and roasted pineapple aromas or their plump and cherry pit notes.