AOP Corbieres is the first ‘appellation’ of the Languedoc and also one of the most long-standing in the area. It is also the fourth in France. Bordered by the Mediterranean sea, the Corbieres area extends from Aude river at the North down south to the first foothills of Pyrenean mountains.

This incredibly wide appellation is made up of 11 various territories with specific climatic and geologic traits. One of them is the famous Boutenac Terroir, one of the four greatest Languedoc terroirs as recognized by National Institute for Origin and Quality (INAO).

Our Corbieres-classified parcels are for the most located on this rare Terroir. The Domain also owns vineyard plots at the limits of Lezignan-Corbieres Terroir, bringing to our wines and additional complexity.


AOP Corbieres -Boutenac, flagship of Southern wines, recognized since 2005, is one of the leading Languedoc appellation. Famous for its elegant, rich and complex wines with deep robes, this tiny appellation yearly gives birth to rare and sought-after millesimes.

Boutenac and its area benefits from a unique environment based on its location, geological history as well as its specific climate. These elements are the basement and the perfect ambiance for the full expression of the so exceptional nature of our wines.

The Black Carignan is the flag of the Boutenac appellation, he nowhere expresses its typicity with so much complexity and it brings freshness and deepness to our wines.

The keys of success !
All along the year, our vineyard plots are submitted to caprices of nature: warmth, aridity, sun then cold or humidity…
The location is also the theater of winds of confronting natures: the Cers (North-west, violent and cold), protector by its drying property and the Marin (South-East, warm and wet) coming from the Mediterranean sea !
This colourful climate is the decor for an outstanding complexity soil made of Dolomitic limestones and sandstones, littered with pebbles banches (quartz-enriched) where our vines need deep-rooting to reach their necessary water and mineral ressources. This difficult and draining terroir gives to our parcels a unique specificity and produces rare wines sharing an incredible typicity.
This is for all these reasons that our vineyard produces more than wines but is also telling a story.